1. Organisation

The Organisation shall be called Jets Netball Club. (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Club’).


  1. Formation

The Club is formed as a voluntary body for the development and participation of the amateur sport of netball.


  1. Aim

The aim of the Club is to provide training and appropriate competition for all club members and to develop relationships with Schools, All England Netball Association and Cambridge and District Netball League. We are affiliated to Cambridgeshire County Netball Association.


  1. Funding
  • To raise funds by charging a subscription to all members, subscriptions are to be agreed at the AGM.
  • To raise funds by any lawful means.
  • To receive sponsorship.
  • To receive donations towards the operating costs.


  1. Committee

A committee shall be made up of the following Officers:

Fund Raising/Social Officer
Kit Officer
Club Umpire
Club Coach
Team Captain/Deputy Team Captain (for all teams)


  1. Meetings

Annual General Meeting (AGM) – An AGM will be held in June/July each year to report on the year’s activities and to elect the Officers of the Committee. 14 days notice is to be given to all members of the club.

A review meeting will be held in December each year. Date will be advised to all members at least 14 days beforehand.


  1. Other Meetings

The Officers and Team Captains can request a meeting to review the activities of the club, discuss any problems regarding team members and to set objectives/changes agreed at the meeting. At least five committee members must be available to attend before a meeting can take place.


  1. Extraordinary Meeting

An extraordinary meeting can be called, if requested, by any Officer of the club. 14 days notice is to be given to all members of the club.


  1. Voting

Voting shall be a show of hands, all attendees shall be eligible to vote. In the case of a tied vote the Chairman shall have the casting vote.


  1. Quorum

Meetings shall have a quorum of five members.


  1. Dissolution

In the event of winding up, or dissolution, of the Club, any monies and equipment shall be given or transferred to other netball clubs at the discretion of the Committee.


  1. Alterations to the Constitution

Any proposals to alter the constitution must be delivered to the Chairman in writing not less than 7 days before the date of the meeting at which it is first to be considered. Any alteration will require the approval of not less than two thirds of the Committee.


The above constitution was accepted at the clubs Annual General Meeting held on 4th July, 2012.