Training Etiquette

Jets Netball Club has three committee members:

  1. Club Chairman
  2. Club Secretary
  3. Club Treasurer

The job roles are self-explanatory. This committee will make decisions on behalf of Jets NC throughout the season and where deemed necessary will ask members of the club to vote on changes etc. The positions of Club Secretary and Club Treasurer must be voted in at the Club AGM every year. The Club Chairman position remains the same each year as she is the founder of Jets NC – Karen Lain. The Committee will meet to discuss any problems which arise within the netball club.

Jets Netball Club has a Head Coach whose responsibilities are as follows:

  • Delivering training weekly.
  • Arranging a replacement coach in her absence.
  • Organising annual trials for team selection during the summer months in readiness for the start of the netball season in September each year.
  • Team selection on a weekly basis.
  • Review of individual players on a regular basis. Make changes to team selection throughout the season if deemed necessary to cover for injury or non-attendance at weekly training sessions.
  • Allocation of a team for players who join after the summer trials and affiliate to the club.

Player’s Responsibilities

  • Players will only be placed into a team if they have paid their club subs and have affiliated to AENA and Cambridgeshire Netball League.
  • Players must pay their club subs and affiliation fees on time each year.
  • Players must commit to training nights (Wednesday evenings 7.30pm – 9.15pm). Failure to attend training on a regular basis will risk the coach renaming them to a lower team, or if this is not possible, they may not be selected to play competitive matches until their attendance reaches an acceptable level.
  • Players must wear the club kit to all competitive events.
  • If players cannot make it to training or matches they must inform their team captain and coach. You are responsible for your own fitness; we should never use fitness levels as an excuse for under performance.
  • Players must reply to e-mails/correspondence in a timely fashion.
  • Please respect coaches and umpires – without them we would not be able to play.
  • A positive attitude should be shown at all times.

Training/Match Etiquette

  • At training we train as we play a match, this means we do all training to the best of our ability and want to win every game.
  • Please be on time for match day warm up’s – this means that you are on court in kit, nails filed and ready to warm up at least 15 mins before the game starts. Players also need to sign the named player’s sheet before playing.
  • Feedback will be positive and constructive. Players need to take responsibility for their own positions.
  • At quarter/half time we will firstly take a drink and we will then come back on court to our coach who will give feedback on the quarter just played. The coach will give tactical points to try and improve gameplay.
  • Players must be responsive to constructive feedback, we may not always agree with feedback but we must remain positive and take it on board. Players should challenge feedback they do not agree with after the match, if necessary.
  • After the coach has given feedback players can then talk about the game but only one person must speak at a time. Players are not allowed to speak over the coach or other players
  • After the game we all come to the centre circle for three cheers.
  • After a game we firstly get a drink and then all cool down together.
  • As most of the squads are quite small we will need the help of others within the club, please help out other teams if you are asked to do so.